Enterprise mission
The company focuses on the construction of the whole life cycle management service system, with MAH as the core, providing more professional, more efficient and more reliable services, creating better medicines to meet the public's pursuit of life and health.
Enterprise motto
The name of ZEIN with the meaning“The wood is straight because of the center; Made medicine with benevolence”.
The wood is straight and high to heaven, blessing the world.
Good medicine applied to the people, giving people health and the nation power.
The heart ofZEIN is in good medicine to serve the country. The ambition of ZEIN is leading innovation and pursuing excellence.
With heart, so everywhere with caring. Although technology is complicated, not slack off. R & D innovation enjoying numerous investment, cracking hard nut to surpass oneself.
With heart, from up to down, one team one way. ZEIN, like the roots of big trees, coagulates employees' gratitude, collects entrepreneurial enthusiasm and grows into towering trees.
With heart, so let you assured. The wood is straight because of the center; Made medicine with benevolence. ZEIN would always uphold the benevolence of the drug makers, work hand in hand with industry colleagues, diligently and tirelessly for the cause of health.

Contact Info

11th Floor, No.38 Yingbin Avenue, Jiu Longpo District, 400039, Chongqing, P.R.China 023-68889003 023-68604070 (023-68639832)
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