Mayor Huang Qifan investigated in Chongqing Zein Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

 On July 21, 2014, Mayor Huang Qifan line to Chongqing high tech Zone Erlang aboad students Pioneering Park, inspected Chongqing Zein Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.. This is the second time for Mayor Huang Qifang inspected Zein pharma since 2010. President Mr. Huang Shan hosted the reception work, General Manager Wang Xiaolin, chief scientific consultant Qiu Zongyin accompanied the investigation.

Mayor Huang listened carefully to the development situation and the achievement Zein obtained since the last investigation. Especially the  national level’s "drug of advanced manufacturing technology of national and local joint engineering research center" operation, Zein's overseas project operation and international pharmaceutical high technology introduction of special report.  key asked the construction and development of national and local joint Engineering Research Center construction operation of Zein’s export base and company digital medical development progress of research content.

Mayor Huang fully affirmed the development of Zein pharma. Mentioned: in 2010’s inspection of Zein, Zein is a small enterprises which just cuts a figure. By 3, 4 years of efforts, Zein has grown to be a modernization medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprise with thousands of employees and have been great changes in the size of the company and conditions.

Mayor Huang pointed out that the next few years, Chongqing plans to build 5* 100 billion level of high-tech industry cluster, the pharmaceutical industry is the first one. It will be twice from the output value of 30 billion yuan now, reaches the scale more than 100 billion. Hope Zein pharma make greater contribution to the rapid development of Chongqing pharmaceutical industry. First of all, to increase overseas high tech project introduction efforts, improve Chongqing medicine high-tech development level; even daring to open up overseas markets, exports the more pharmaceutical products which are made in Chongqing to the world.

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